Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Teks Story Telling

Good Morning To All The Honourable Jouries and All My Friend
My Name Is Muhammad Zaki from 194 Junior High School Jakarta
Today , I Want to Tell A Story The Title is “Dare To Dream”

Dare To Dream
Once upon a time,in a poor village there is a primary school.Just a few students studied in there because most of the children in the village was helping their parents to earn a living.One day,the one and only teacher in the school was giving a writing lesson.After giving an explanation how to make a story the teacher is give a homework. “Students,our homework today is make a story about your dream.Tomorrow,result of your work will be read in front of the class one by one.
Next day,his student read their own work in front of the class.Most of them want to be a teacher,farmer,or a government official.The teacher always nodding in agreement.Then,turn came the youngest age student,His clothes were patched,his body is small and thin but his voice is very loud.”When I grow up,I want to have a big house on the hill.In there I have a happy family with my family and all my guest.
Listen the loud voice of the young student,the class were laughed at the same time.”Hahahaha..Hahaha..Hey dreamer ! Wake up from your nap !” .The teacher say “Hey,that you wrote is not a dream,but that just a fantasy that can’t become reality !” “Teacher,it not just a fantasy,but it can become reality !” “Hey son,you live in a poor village.your family also poor too.How can you make your dream to become a reality ? Now you must wrote another logical dream.” “Teacher,this is my real dream ! Nothing else !” “Please bring your new work tomorrow,if you don’t you will get the smallest point in the class !” Next day,the young student isn’t bring his work so he get the smallest point in the class.
Do not feel time went,30 years later the teacher is still teach in the school.One day,he invite his student to have a tour on the hill.In there they see a very big house like a palace.”Oh,the man who built this house must be a very great man.Why now I know there’s a place like this ?” Said the teacher muttered in awe.Suddenly there was an answer “Not a great man who built this house,just a naughty boy who dare to dream have a great fantasy.Surely,the greater is the teacher who educate the naughty boy.”
Hearing the greeting,the teacher remembered who stunned and standing in front of him.His the young student,who stubbornly have a bad grades at the time.His eyes filled with tears,feeling grateful,and hold shame for 30 years before he was harassing the ideal child.

The message from my story is :
If we want to realize and observer carefully, there are lots of spectacular accomplishments from the past centuries up to the millennium era today. All were born and started by an embryo.
Because of a dream, a plane was created.
Because of a dream, we can enjoy the greatness of a computer.
Because of a dream too, our life quality is increasing.
Of course, to consummate all the dreams into reality, we need the other powers. The powers should be cultivated in our inner selves, namely : The Power of bravery, trial, fight, dare to fail and dare to succeed.
Enough for me
Thank you for your attention.
Wassalamualaikum Wb.Wr

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